Fourth World Congress of Psychogeography

The 4th World Congress of Psychogeography will take place again on the 8th-10th September 2017. To receive updates, sign up to the newsletter.
Open Call for Proposals
Venue: Heritage Quay University of Huddersfield.

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About The Congress

The 4th World Congress of Psychogeography brings together people from all walks of life to to Heritage Quay this Autumn. With a mix of walks and talks come and find out what it’s all about and take the opportunity to explore new ways of seeing the world around you. Some of the walks are also part of Heritage Open Days (pdf) in Huddersfield.
Also visit the Heritage Quay site for more event details.
Please note that some details may change, please check these listing nearer to the time to double check the running order. Any under 16s must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Please dress appropriately for the weather if you are taking part in an outdoor activity. Some events may require booking, but all are free.

What is Psychogeography?

Guy Debord, a leading figure in the Situationist International, refers to psychogeography in terms of how environments might effect the emotions and behaviours of individuals in conscious and unconscious ways. The practice then of psychogeographical walking, also known as the derive/drift is a way of departing from the usual mode of walking for work or leisure purposes and is seen as a way to creatively and playful explore different places. Therefore derives/drifts are different to a casual walk or a stroll because the aims are to explore what places we are drawn to and discouraged from. Chance and spontaneity is key to the process of doing derives/drifts. Here are some starting points to think about psychogeography and the idea of the derive/drift:

By doing psychogeography, by walking across places and spaces in a different way, we may learn three new things: About the places themselves, about ourselves and how we relate to these particular spaces, and about space and place in general with possibly seeing a glimmer of whats really going on there.

History of the World Congress

The First World Congress of Psychogeography took place in June of 2015 in two locations at the same time – Huddersfield and Leeds. The Congress was convened in order to host the launch of an edited collection of essays about current psychogeography in the United Kingdom (edited by Tina Richardson - and also to invite the Class Wargames collective ( to do a talk and to show how Debord’s Game of War works as a situationist board game with the aims being to use wargaming as a metaphor to explore the social relations of capitalism. Arguably, the hosting of these two events shifted the ley lines and seismic energies in the Northern Heartlands, as evidenced by a seventh levitation of the Odeon Cinema in Huddersfield. Members of the World Congress of Psychogeographers have previously levitated the Odeon Cinema a further six times previously in recent years! The second and third World Congresses may take place next year or they may indeed have already happened. David Bollinger the District Commissioner of the West Yorkshire Federation of Psychogeographers claims that that the second and third Congresses took place on June the 21st in 1984 and 2012, but we as the Huddersfield Psychogeography Network, argue that such claims are spurious. There are indeed some irreconcilable differences between Mr David Bollinger and the Huddersfield Psychogeographical Network with possible and necessary resignations from positions which may be required in the near foreseeable future.

For more details about the first World Congress check out the following links:



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